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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It's the most wonderful time of the year! As the year slowly fades away and we all gain 14KG of body weight in a two week period I just wanted to send out seasonal greetings to everyone - all our current players, past players and of course to the people who have contributed so much…
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ArmA Development & Roleplay!

You know we like to keep things interesting in Arma. Recently a number of players on our Tanoa server have called for something non-standard, sometimes interesting, something.... illegal. Of course we don't literally real world illegal, we mean in-game! Several players have expressed their interest in playing more than just missions so we've come up…
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Announcing ArmAdmin

  As you know, here at LonesomeWarriors we like to keep busy. At the same time we like to ensure that things stay productive and on point. Most of all we prefer things to be useful and practical. That means making things that would not only use ourselves but also be happy other people using too. So…
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IT’S YOU! (24 hour PVP event)

  Ladies and Gentleman, Runners and Murderers, It's finally time to put that new bounty system to use. Yes, it's been coming for several weeks but now we're finally ready to turn Tanoa into a war zone again. In effort to keep things on Tanoa island fresh and exciting we would like to announce the…
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