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RUST no more

It has been around 1 month since the Rust server was brought online. The Rust experiment is one that I've personally been wanting to try for a while now and despite all advice to stay clear I went ahead anyway. Rust is an awesome game with a lot of good content and some truly amazing…
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RUST Wipe Day!

Greeting everybody! As most of you have noticed today (July 13th) is wipe day for our RUST server and we have decided to have a little fun. From now on, the 24 hours prior to wipe day shall henceforth be known as "joker day". Why? Because we're giving every member a rocket launcher, a pile…
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Rust invitations!

It has been a while since the RUST server was put online and a number of players have began to call it "home". Server wipes are currently set for 15 day intervals and this allows players enough time to build something expandable and then move on to something more interesting. Because of the increase popularity…
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Rewards for helping others

The biggest emphasis in our community is friendship. Although it can be hard to make new friends in games that breed competitiveness we encourage a level of professionalism and common courtesy between players. That's why we're giving something back to players who help newcomers. We will be rewarding players with in-game items for helping newbies.…
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