Rewards for helping others

The biggest emphasis in our community is friendship. Although it can be hard to make new friends in games that breed competitiveness we encourage a level of professionalism and common courtesy between players.

That's why we're giving something back to players who help newcomers. We will be rewarding players with in-game items for helping newbies. The newer they are, the better. If they're new to the server then you'll get something great, if they're new to the game itself then you'll get something extra special.

All you have to do is help each other. Whilst this concept can be strange in gaming we'd like to recognise and show our appreciation for those who take the time to cultivate and nurture players who have less experience than them. So, why not start now?

4 Responses

  1. Been in the server for less than 24 hours. Met some really nice players who helped me out with clothes and food. Just learned how to build and get food. Logged in today and saw an air drop. Saw 2 players getting it already so decided to leave. Instead i get KOS by some guy named Neil.
    • admin
      Hi Robin (player name Miki right?), Sorry to hear about that. I suspect that in the heat of the moment everyone rushed towards the drop and killed anyone who was in the area. Rust is pretty hardcore for PVP so I would assume all airdrops and loot areas to be hot. My best advise is to approach with caution and scope it out first. We just made the server invite-only which should reduce the antagonist style PVP and add a more professional level of interaction and honesty between players.
      • Yes that was me. Yeah i did scope it out first and there were 2 players already who got to it first fair and square. Just wanted to leave them be and go on my way. Just surprised i got shot. Probably my own fault perhaps but sad it had to be like that when i wasn't aggressive. Just thought maybe i could learn how to play the game since it was a friendly server and it still is i'm sure. Will be careful next time and thank you for the reply.
        • admin
          It's often hard to determine who was in the right and wrong but in this case I feel it was likely a case of "shoot first, ask later" caused by the situation. If you want to learn then join our discord channel ( and apply for an invite. Things are now more stable with a vetted player base.

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