Rust invitations!

It has been a while since the RUST server was put online and a number of players have began to call it "home". Server wipes are currently set for 15 day intervals and this allows players enough time to build something expandable and then move on to something more interesting.

Because of the increase popularity of the game in the region there has been a rapidly growing player base. The nature of rust is heavily tilted towards player-vs-player (PvP) and many players find this daunting or even too much to handle for casual play. Whilst rust is still an alpha game we believe that gaming should be most of all fun and rewarding. At the heart of our community lies trust and friendship and as a result we are making our rust server invite-only. That doesn't mean that you can't  play - quite the opposite. In fact, we want you to play but at the same time we'd like to make the experience enjoyable for everyone and that they should have the right to avoid abuse from lesser experienced or immature players.

If you are interested in applying please join our Discord server at and join #rust.

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