RUST Wipe Day!

Greeting everybody!

As most of you have noticed today (July 13th) is wipe day for our RUST server and we have decided to have a little fun.

From now on, the 24 hours prior to wipe day shall henceforth be known as "joker day". Why? Because we're giving every member a rocket launcher, a pile of HE rockets and a load of incendiary rockets upon joining the server. Yes, that's right, it's time to callously and unflinchingly burn down everything that you and your buddies have spent the past couple of weeks building. The more fire the better.

Once you have run out of rockets don't worry, simply type "!rockets" into the chat and you'll receive another truck of fun delivered right to your inventory. Lost your launcher? Just type "!launcher" and you'll be presented with a brand new noob-tube. Rockets not going the job? Type "!c4".

Of course the destruction can't last forever so after the wipe things will go back to normal, but until then...


Props to Mr. Pickles for the idea!

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