RUST no more

It has been around 1 month since the Rust server was brought online. The Rust experiment is one that I've personally been wanting to try for a while now and despite all advice to stay clear I went ahead anyway.

Rust is an awesome game with a lot of good content and some truly amazing players. Unfortunately Rust's gameplay is often also it's undoing. Let's take a look at the past 4 weeks:

Week 1: server brought online, server slots set to 65
Week 1: server popularity explodes, often attracting upwards of 45 players

Week 2: many more players join the server
Week 2: rewards offered to players who help newbies
Week 2: in attempt to make the player base more balance server slots decreased to 45
Week 2: server receives DDoS - taken offline to save resources and formally reported to police

Week 3: introduce server whitelist to create a tighter, more friendly self-regulating community
Week 3: introduced "burn day" where all players are invited to destroy the map in the 24 hours prior to wipe
Week 3: received many whitelist applications, rejected anyone with VAC bans or bad reputation
Week 3: server receives DDoS - taken offline to save resources and formally reported to police

Week 4: player base continues to grow at steady rate
Week 4: began small advertising on facebook, asking newbies to apply
Week 4: small friendship groups develop among the player base
Week 4: server receives DDoS - taken offline to save resources and formally reported to police

Before I brought the Rust server online I was warned by several people about the immaturity of some players and nuisance of DDoS attacks. Having faced these things in just the second week I introduced a whitelist in an attempt to create trust between players. This seems to have failed, and managing the situation has been exhausting. Even with a whitelist in place it seems that people are happy to breach this trust and this is most unfortunate. In almost one year of hosting gameservers we never received such a time consuming nuisance. Whilst it's fairly simple for any halfwit to pay a booter service to DDoS a gameserver for an hour it causes a lot of lost time from an investigation/legal perspective (collecting evidence, taking forensic images etc.).

My biggest concern with this is not the attacks themselves, but more the fact that evidence points towards players. Players who have been accepted into a trust community  yet choose to break this trust through their own selfishness and inability to control their under developed emotions. Along with this, downtime creates a bad experience for the other (100+ non Rust) players on the server. It's on this sad note that we announce the Rust server will be permanently closed.

I'd like to say thanks to all the honest players and to everyone who helped to grow the community in the very short time frame. It's a real shame that things couldn't continue for much longer, but as they say..... "This is why we can't have nice things".

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