IT’S YOU! (24 hour PVP event)


Ladies and Gentleman, Runners and Murderers,

It's finally time to put that new bounty system to use. Yes, it's been coming for several weeks but now we're finally ready to turn Tanoa into a war zone again. In effort to keep things on Tanoa island fresh and exciting we would like to announce the 24-hour player vs player (PvP) event!

That's right - PVP day is upon us! Starting 13:00 on 2017-09-01 through to 13:00 on 2017-09-02 all of Tanoa will be a PVP zone.

Those of you who have lived in the serenity of the PVE zone can expect your once-friendly island inhabitants to think twice before sharing a mission or backing out of loot in the interest of fairness. Frankly, I'd expect them to murder you on sight. For 24 hours Tanoa will become it's historic alter-ego and become World War 2.

Even in a world of gangs, murder, espionage, money and death there are however some rules which we must all abide by:

  1. No base raiding (unless players are inside)
  2. No pointlessly destroying vehicles
  3. No crying when your gear is stolen
  4. Everything is prey
  5. Kill them first

Otherwise, please feel free to shoot on sight. You will stand as owner of the land or kneel like peasants. The choice is yours. You have one week to decide!

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