Announcing ArmAdmin


As you know, here at LonesomeWarriors we like to keep busy. At the same time we like to ensure that things stay productive and on point.

Most of all we prefer things to be useful and practical. That means making things that would not only use ourselves but also be happy other people using too.

So today we'd like to announce a new project called ArmAdmin. With such a clever name you must be wondering what it is - or perhaps you're wondering why you would need to administer your arms. ArmAdmin is a web-based remote administration console for Arma 2 and 3. It fully supports the RCON protocol and in addition to this, it logs a number of statistics, includes real-time chat and a fully customisable keyword notification system. There are many other features that are documented on the official website. ArmAdmin is in a closed beta phase and we're looking for server admin's to sign up.

Please check out the official website which can be found at!

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