ArmA Development & Roleplay!

You know we like to keep things interesting in Arma. Recently a number of players on our Tanoa server have called for something non-standard, sometimes interesting, something.... illegal.

Of course we don't literally real world illegal, we mean in-game! Several players have expressed their interest in playing more than just missions so we've come up with fairly unique: roleplay.

Roleplay isn't new at all, you say? You're right, it isn't. However, how many optional roleplay servers do you know? Optional roleplay is a great way of keeping things interesting and giving players the ability to truly play the bandit or the cop.

There are many new features and places to visit on the map and more under development. To date you can do:

- Harvest cocaine (and use it)
- Get arrested or arrest criminals
- Rob a bank!
- Be imprisoned in a real jail

We've posted some pictures in the forum, so please take a look here.

I'd like to thank SNEAKYHANS for his persistent in-game drug abuse and acts of terrorism, and Zefyer for co-developing the building locations/layout and original concepts.

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