Game Servers

If you need a reliable provider with a proven track record of game server administration, modding, scripting but most of all - being a player, then you've come to the right place. Hosting game server isn't just about the hardware or bandwidth, it's about understanding the nature of gaming and the players behind it. With our solid history of hosting servers and keeping them running in some of the most unrelenting conditions you're guaranteed to get a service with experience and the human touch required to keep things online.

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Custom Development

Based on 20 years of commercial programming experience and many years in the game modding scene we're equipped to help you with your next project. We believe that results are the best way to please customers, so please feel free to check out any of our public game servers and check out the fruits of our skill and creativity.

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Server Setup, Configuration & Administration

So it's your first time running a server or maybe you just don't have time to learn and you're stuck deep inside the depths of SQF, C++ or just simply confused by the lack of documentation. We are able to assist in setting up, maintaining and modding your own server, but with the added value of being tutors at the same time. We don't do the work for you - we guide you through it ensuring that you understand all the requirements of keeping things running smoothly!

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  • Proven track record
  • Delivery focused
  • Result orientated
  • Oodles of experience
  • Plays the game
  • Lives the game
  • Loves the game