ARMA 3 is an open world, military tactical shooter video game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. ARMA 3 was released in September 2013 and has since grown a following of millions of players worldwide. Moreover, ARMA has cultivated one of the most active and creative modding communities around.


ARMA is well known for its modding scene, with over over 13,000 single player missions, over 20,000 multiplayer missions and over 45,000 mods available on the Steam store alone it makes for one mammoth of a game whether you're playing with your buddies, clan or lonesome.

Most of all ARMA is one of those games you just feel. You'll either play it for 2 hours and give up or keep playing before you even realise you've hit the 1000 hour milestone. ARMA is without a doubt one of those games you won't forget.

We host several of our own ARMA servers in the public domain and you are free to join by simply looking for us in the ARMA 3 server browser. We tailor our maps and mods to player requests even going as far as making mods at player request! We cater for both newbies and hardcore plays by combining player-vs-player (PvP) and player-vs-environment (PvE) in the same place. Many of the features on our servers are proprietary and lead to a truly unique experience.

We fully support and actively develop alongside our own custom made mods and third party mods such as Exile, Life RPG, Wasteland, KOH, Apex and many more.